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जल्दी Dino Bash चिह्न पर हस्ताक्षर करें।
जल्दी Dino Bash चिह्न पर हस्ताक्षर करें।

Dino Bash

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Dinossauros contra humanos: a batalha começa
nc_content; Dino Bash is a real-time strategy game where you play on the dinosaur's side as they resist the humans trying to make them go extinct. Your mission is to protect a dinosaur egg by fighting off waves of evil humans. The game has more than 60 different levels. In each you always have the same goal: to stay put and fight the waves of humans charging in the direction of your dino egg and attacking everything in their path. Fortunately, you'll have a good defense. You'll be joined by other dinosaurs, each with its own abilities and stats, and you can use their help to fight off the humans' attack. You can also launch rocks at the enemies to defend yourself. Between levels, you can use the coins earned by playing to improve your dinosaurs' stats or buy different traps for the humans. When you level up one of your dinosaurs, they gain life points and can inflict greater damage with their attacks. Dino Bash is an original and fun strategy game. And the cartoon-like graphics are a perfect fit for the prehistoric subject matter.