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जल्दी Canak Okey Plus चिह्न पर हस्ताक्षर करें।

Çanak Okey Plus

Zynga 5.2.0
  • लाइसेंस Gratuito
  • 0
  • डाउनलोड | 17
  • आकार 59.83 MB
  • Update 09.05.2022
जल्दी Canak Okey Plus चिह्न पर हस्ताक्षर करें।

Çanak Okey Plus

संस्करण 5.2.0 Gratuito
59.83 MB
Funciona em: Android
डाउनलोड | : 17 Atualizado em : 09.05.2022 Zynga


Jogos divertidos de Okey com outros jogadores
nc_content; Play entertaining games of Okey against other players online with the app Çanak Okey Plus. It's one of the best ways to play this fun tile game from the comfort of your smartphone. With this Android game, you can join three other players in entertaining games of Okey. Not only can you join rooms with players from various Turkish cities, but you can also create your own game and invite your friends, or any other online players. Okey fans aren't going to find many differences in the gameplay of Çanak Okey Plus and the traditional game. That being said, the main difference is that users have to pay with virtual money to join a game. Each table has a minimum amount that you have to pay to join, and the winner of each game doesn't just get the glory, but also some of the game's money. Overall, Çanak Okey Plus is a great way to play this popular Turkish game on your smartphone or tablet.


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